Landscapes in Japan

Here are the most wonderful landscape in Japan that will take your breath away.

Hiroshima Prefecture is full of amazing islands, waters, rivers and solemn parks. Come tale a look at this beautiful place full of life and ecstasy

Niigata Prefecture. With mountain upon mountain, you can go for hiking, sight seeing over under the white clouds and go for camping summer vacation. Their are flower gardens you can go through with your friends.

Nagano Prefecture just like Nigata is full of mountains, rivers, falls. In winter time, you feel the loneliness of the environment as if they are also longing for summer and spring. In this place are found monkey and they are also longing for comfort. Monkeys have charms that makes you stare at them. During the night, you can watch the twinkling stars above. you can go for a journey towards rivers, lakes and falls.

Mount Fuji in Yamashi Prefecture is the gives you the feeling of strong personality just as the  volcano seems to stand firm  in its own nature and then suddenly explode at any time. This is probably the most attractive stratovolcano on earth. It can not be compared with other volcanoes

Akita Prefecture . Green mountain is expecting you to come ad visit its amazing ground. Lakes and rivers are also flowing like they give life to people and all creatures depending on them. Of course, there is no water without clouds above, without the sun shining and without the sea flowing.