Japan’s Fame

Japan is famous for its highly industrialized nation and good societal system. As the second richest country in Asia, they are still racing to make the Japan as the most high tech nation in the world. There are many things that you should do in Japan as you go and visit there. You will surely be amazed by its beauty and culture that is often regarded as weird outside the nation. Of course their nation regards their culture as great that is why the Japanese stick to their own culture.

Japan is known for its cherry blossoms that blooms in spring season. These cherry blossoms are the most beautiful flowers on earth. If you walk together with your loved one on earth, you see how precious these flowers are. Walking on the fallen blossoms makes you feel you are in paradise.

Japan is also known for many Buddhist temples that have already been a tourist destinations for all people although they are not Buddhist. Another thing that makes Japan beautiful are its arts and culture shown via the Imperial palace and shrines. Although Japan is a small country in the east, it is rich in culture and religious performances to their deities. Seeing the metropolitan area in Japan, you can surely conclude how well they are in the organization of their cities and how they are performing their will in the field of engineering and technology.

Japan is also famous for animated production. Japan is not really the country producing drama to be watched in Asia because they focus much on animated movie. However, these animated movies also are based in the US Standards since they picture some commonalities with the Americans.

Another thing that makes them famous is their cuisine, sushi. This is the food that distinguish them from all nations in the globe. Although this sushi is made by other eastern countries, Japanese sushi is makes the nation proud for its common dish.