Featuring the top 10 tallest buildings in Japan

One of the many things you will see when you come here in Japan is the architecture that is evidence by many tall buildings and also skyscrapers. Japan has many big cities that boasts with their own tall buildings and that they have their own unique design. The location of Japan is not suitable for very tall buildings and also skyscrapers because of the risk of earthquakes. It does nothing though to the dream of many people to build big and tall buildings that could compete with the whole world.

The video has presented in a very nice and professional way the list of the buildings when he used the application Google Earth to reach the location and can be seen on screen real time. Some information about those buildings are included in the video and that is good as a way to give information. The number ten in the list is the Sunshine 60 Building then followed by the number nine Tokyo City Hall 1. At the number eight spot are the JR central office tower and number seven is Midland Square. In the number six is Midtown Tower. I had the best experience processing my visa from this travel agency. See this reference www.chinavisa.com.tw. I got my visa approval on the day I expected  so quickly.

You will be amazed how many of these is located only in one country but development comes together with similar constructions and Japan will not be left out. In the number five is Toranomon Hills then Rinku Gate Tower Building and Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building. At the number two spot is Yokohama Landmark Tower. Have your visa process in here link here.  The number one is Abeno Harukas.