The Japanese school lunch is the world’s best school lunch

Do you remember your school days and what food you eat? In different countries, there are regulations of schools that they impose. An example is that in one country, students bring their own lunch with them and eat in the classrooms or in the canteen area of the school. In another country, they have food in the canteen and that is what they should buy. They will eat in the canteen what they bought and then spend their remaining breaks the way they like. How about in Japan?

The lunch of students in Japan has been already known as the best in the world as the school themselves should follow set regulations to ensure the good diet of students. You cannot see much students then that are overweight or the other way around. Students eat the same food and all of them do not have the right to choose as what they get is for all, unlike other school canteens that offer different menus like this designing company see post 旭昱設計. If you see in Japan, the food they eat is complete with the main course of soup and rice and viand with a salad.

It is better to be that way as it teaches children to be able to eat what is healthy and not what they like only. It is also a good system so you would not worry about what your child should bring for the lunch. You would not worry also if your child is eating right or not and what kind of food there is in the canteen.