One of the most surreal park in Japan: The Hitachi Seaside Park

One of the good things that you can see in Japan are the very beautiful parks that exist here. They have many parks and even if you would visit one park, it is worth it. Each park that you can see here are filled with beauty that you should not just go and take pictures but you should take the time to just feel it and be at peace with yourself. This is a good place to release your stress and see the beauty and positivity the world can offer.

Japan is a very good place but still, it is not for all people as there is a forest where it is known as a suicide forest. It has stood on its name really as there are many people who were found there already dead. There are many videos about it that you can find on the internet and it is just sad that people go there just to commit suicide. Back to the positive things. The video was taken at the Hitachi Seaside Park where many people local and foreigners flock to see its beauty. Go more from this link to see such catering service that you might like. See more info from here 餐飲. This is so nice and wonderful.

As you can see in the video it is not just about the blue flowers but also the atmosphere and environment. The fee they charge is worth what you can experience. It near the sea so you can really enjoy the air that blows and it feels really refreshing just like having your tea time over this restaurant 茶會點心開幕酒會. I hope you can also have the experience of visiting this beautiful park.