The top 7 special museums to visit in Tokyo, Japan

When you visit a place most of the time you want to spend on nature like beaches or mountain or resorts with pools and many other things. One of the last things that come to mind sometimes is the museums. In other countries, they are the main tourist’s attractions but in other areas, it is not. But in Japan, you should visit their museum when you travel there if you really want to understand about Japan and be able to talk about it to others.

I also admit that when I travel first time to Japan, I did not visit museums first but I am busy going to the different tourist’s attractions. I also love the food so I would devote time to be able to explore and save some of my budgets so I could be able to try more food delicacies except the live seafood. I cannot yet handle to just eat raw food especially seafood. But I love the street foods that they have. They got also best cleaning service here, more info 淨麗美清潔服務. Whenever I could save some I would buy snacks in the streets.

I prefer to walk as much as I can and it helped me to be familiarized with the community and other life activities. There are many fun things that you can find to do in the city of Tokyo. Watch the video above and you would know what museums to try and visit as shared by another traveler about this house cleaning company, 桃園居家清潔推薦. They are suggested museums so it does not mean other museums are not special.