Strongest Religion in Japan: Buddhism

95 % of Japanese population are Buddhist and the rest are Christians. It is very hard to become a Christian in Japan, There are only very few Christians due to the influence of Buddhism. Although there are many people wandering, some may even do not care of having a religion. Those who are devoted to this religion surely observe the etiquette of being one. Buddhism as a religion had been strong since its introduction to Japan. This was highly accepted by all Japanese at first.

In the time of the introduction of Roman Catholicism, many rejected Roman the new religion. However, this covered the small percentage of Christianity in the nation. There are few denominations in the place but they are such a small number. This is why there is not much Christian in Japan. Nevertheless, the number of Buddhist are slowly going down since people tend to focus in their earthly life because of difficulty in life. It is not too much to say that people are becoming irreligious in this age.

Still, the people who revere Buddhism so much can not just live a normal life just as others do. They have to maintain the tradition passed on to them  by their forefathers. There is not much difference with Roman Catholics. RC devoted also declines in number and more are looking for better ones. The thirst for the truth lingers and this causes them to stop going to church. If people is not happy with what he is doing, it is sure they will stop from it.