Major Parks in Japan

Industrial Parks like Chennai makes a country rich, resourceful, economically up. There are many things to imagine if we are talking about industrial parks in Japan. Establishing an Industrial park is one way to reduce poverty in the country. Industrial parks are more on jobs that can be done by anybody with or without diploma. This is made in order to maintain the development of the country in terms of its economy and source of income.

Parks for tourism is found in all areas of Japan. Here are the living industrial parks you can visit to enjoy your time.

Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park creates an illusion of existing creatures. This park is very amazing in the sense that you will really feel the frightening moment in your life. Even the sounds are very frightening. Of course those are not true animals but because of the sensation that you feel from the place, you will surely not forget this park.

Disney Land Tokyo is absolutely the most beautiful fairy tale setting on earth. This is the most fantastic land in the world. Viewing through videos is far different from experiencing it by yourself.

Visiting Ashikaga Flower Park can be your most ecstatic journey in among all the gardens on earth. It surpasses the hanging gardens in Babylon. You may be able to see the most beautiful flower on earth, the Wisteria blossom. If I may say, it is more beautiful than the cherry blossom. This flower comes in different colors that makes it so lovely to look at that you will not be able to turn your eyes away from them.

Kamikochi Alpine Park is good fro hiking towards the alps. The nature is living and active that can make you feel you are in a different planet.